What is Trobok?

Trobok is a toy brand from the future. I sell 3D printable files that you can download and print yourself. The files can be painted, cast, sanded, burnt, made as a shrine, whatever you want. Just please do not re-upload or resell the files and if you making originals put some effort it if you gonna resell and make it yours, dont sell as is, there is a plan for that later for interested parties...


What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a technology sent to us by aliens, we have recently understood this future tech and now can print things in real life from the digital world. I focus on FDM/FFF technology meaning its all about melting strings of plastic and turning them into characters. More info on printing check out the wiki here.


I dont have a printer, how can I print my file?

The cheapest and easiest is to search on 3Dhubs.com for someone in your area. However, you may as well get your own, you know you will soon anyway.


How big are the toys when printed?

Well stranger, how big can your printer print? People are printing houses now so if you want to live in a Trobok toy...



I want to get a printer but dont know what to get, can you help?

There are new printers coming out every other day on Kickstarter and other crowdsourcing sites. It all depends what you are looking for, how technically minded you are and how much you can control your temper.

Personally I am loving the Ultimaker 2.

I am a Printer manufacturer and want to send you free machines. How?

Thats most excellent, send me a mail info@trobok.com


Will I travel the world and come do a talk?

Sure, pay my ticket and my accommodation and I will come.



Where am I located?

I currently reside in South Africa, I have a studio at 111 Smit Street Braamfontein in The DIZ - Powered by Wits.